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Dashavatara Kolhapuri Saaj Gold

What is Kolhapuri Saaj?                 

                          Almost all of us may have heard about the term Kolhapuri Saaj concerning jewelry. Kolhapuri Saaj is considered as one of the finest ornamental patterns mainly worn in traditional events or functions like marriage. The meaning of Marathi word Saaj means necklace. Kolhapuri Saaj is generally made up of 21 small pendants like Ashtamangal, Sun, Flowerbirds, Tigernails, Plants, etc. but it also varies as per the requirement of the design and pattern. This popular design is not restricted to Kolhapur only, but it has blown its beauty through India and in some famous cities outside India. Kolhapuri saaj is a symbol of rich heritage and royal mindset.

Pure Silver - Dashavatara Saaj Silver (15)

What is the relation between Kolhapuri Saaj and Dashavatara?

                 Based on the concept of Kolhapuri Saaj we have designed a Dashavtara Kolhapuri Saaj with 11 pendants embedded in it. As per the customer demand, we have created each pendant for each Avatara and added it on both rights and left sides of the chain. The ten main avatars of Vishnu include – 1. Matsya (Fish), 2. Kurma (Tortoise), 3. Varaha (Boar), 4. Narasinha (Half Man + Half Lion), 5. Vaman, 6. Parshuram, 7. Ram, 8. Krushna, 9. Buddha, 10. Kalki. The central pendant is inspired by the Sudarshan chakra of the Krushna avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Dashavtara Kolhapuri Saaj

Importance of Kolhapuri Dashavtara Saaj – 

                   If you deeply observe the Indian culture, we have given tremendous importance to the things that bring energy into our lives to make them better. Considering the natural psychology of Hindu tradition we brought our Devi and Devatas (Gods) in almost all walks of our life to nourish all aspects of humans’ life. In ancient times, our ancestors used to recite many stotras and mantras of different gods to get specific skillsets from various gods, but deep within they all were aware of the term of oneness i.e. the whole universe including all gods are one and the same and they all are made up of energy.                     

                 We always come across the terms of positive or negative energy, but frankly speaking, the energy is neither positive nor negative. Even though our perception decides the energy is positive or negative, life expects extraordinary energy to tackle the obstacles in life and to overcome them. It becomes very easy to cross the hurdles in our daily life if we are connected to the main source of energy. We have achieved the same concept by representing all avatars of Vishnu in this beautiful Dashavatara necklace i.e. Saaj in the forms of pendants. You will feel the energy of Lord Vishnu in you start wearing this on specific occasions of life. 

               At the time of the Upanayana ceremony in Indian culture, one thread is worn around the body of the boy, which indicates that he is going to start his learning phase of life from his Guru. The Yadnopavit thread is a set of 9 threads that represents 9 important energy-giving gods which take care of the child in every aspect of his life. It is assumed that the tread will keep giving energy to the boy who has worn it. The same philosophy is applicable in jewelry as well, if you wear this Dashavatara Saaj, you will start feeling energy after some days which can the same increase your confidence level and bring a smile to your face.

Are you from the Royal family?

              Kolhapuri saaj has achieved great importance in Maharashtrian culture. Generally, ladies from the royal families make use of the Kolhapuri Saaj. But for the royal and middle-class families, we have designed it in pure silver, so that many of us can afford it and take the advantage of it. Even if you are from a middle-class background, the chances of your becoming rich increase if you aim a little high than the easy way you can afford. The man becomes rich with his beliefs not only money, so think big and grow wisely and be one of the members of the royal family. There is also a famous song you may have heard of “Ek Haus Purava Maharaj, Mala Aana Kolhapuri Saaj”. In this song, one married lady is convincing her husband for purchasing a specially designed Kolhapuri saaj for her. Before the last few decades, such types of pieces of jewelry were only available in shops in renowned cities, but now it is just a click away from your location. You can purchase this Kolhapuri Saaj with Dashavatara pendants on our Swaabhi website anytime and from anywhere.

                The Dashavtara Kolhapuri Saaj is designed in pure silver.  As per the requirement, we can also provide you a design with gold polish. As this jewelry is super-precious, handle it with care to maintain the glow of this beautiful saaj. Once you are done with its usage please keep it in the bag which is given to you at the time of purchase or else you can put it in any zip lock bag. As perfumes, sprays, deodorants, and water may affect the jewelry, please make sure to avoid contact with the ornaments.   

             For more details, you can visit our Youtube channel and watch Dashavtara Jewelry Collection.

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