A true expression of beauty, pride, culture, and womanhood, Swaabhi is being ready to take over the world with jewelry for every occasion.

Rooted in India’s rich heritage while being the woman of today- The inspiration behind Swaabhi is to merge these worlds through creativity and highly skilled craftsmanship.
With jewelry pieces that compliment all kinds of outfits, we take pride in bringing originality, thoughtfulness, exclusivity, finesse, and quality to everything that we create. Located in Ram Baug, Pune, Swaabhi is the brainchild of Swaroopa Utgi.

Our exclusive collections like Parna, Rangoli, Spice of Swaabhi, Dashavtara, and more draw inspiration from everyday life and celebrate the joy that lies in the little things of life. As a team run by women for women, Swaabhi aspires to be the first choice of every woman of today that is fearless, aspirational, and a go-getter but equally humble and rooted. Here’s to all of us experiencing the “Swaabhi” in us!


Swaroopa Utgi


I am passionate about all things ‘Bharatnatyam’ an ancient Indian temple dance and I have been learning, performing, choreographing and teaching this beautiful art for a long time now. Since my teen years, I have spent countless hours of my life perfecting not only the intricacies of dance, but also studying colorful costumes, stage lighting, rhythm, music and most importantly, jewelry. I have always fallen for good quality, handmade jewelry and I have gone the distance to learn about and get hold of some of the most beautiful ornaments. I have traveled across India and most of Asia to meet artisans, jewelry experts and to find the best sources of stones and metals. While this was personally very satisfying and enriching, the artist in me always wanted to do something more. Thus an artist’s love story with handcrafted jewelry turned into the life source for Swaabhi.

Swaabhi Exclusive

Swaabhi is Special due to its Exclusive In-House collection, a unique and different thought to how jewelry can be made unique. Swaabhi has some amazing in-house must have jewelry collection.
Its Exclusive In-house Collection includes : Friendship & more, Parna, Rangoli, Warli, Dashavatar, Tadka, Profession Pins, Mandira Veerangana. A wide range of variety of in-house designs , one can never say no to.
Why one should shop from Swaabhi ? Why Swaabhi is special?
Watch our YouTube video to know all the interesting facts about Swaabhi.

Studio Walkthrough

Along with selling online, Swaabhi also has a studio in Pune where you can visit and explore more exciting and unique designs.
Booking an appointment prior to visit is a must.
You can visit our Studio from MONDAY to SATURDAY
Timings: 10 AM to 4 PM (Timings as per COVID-19 Guidelines )
We follow all the safety rules provided by the government under the COVID-19 pandemic.