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               You might have come across many jewelry designs till now with different brands. As our brand name “Swaabhi” is taken from the Marathi word Swaabhiman that means pride of self, we have some extremely awesome design creations to feel unique in the community. We have subcategorized the Swaabhi exclusive designs into 11 subtypes like Dashavtara, Friendship & more, Mandira, Parna, Profession pins, Rangoli, Rekhakshi, Spice jewelry, Sunshine & finally Warli. You can explore it one by one and let us know if you want any customized design. We will surely try to deliver that to you.

               The concept of Dashavtara is taken from the “Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu”. The main intention is to remember our history through our attractive pendants and other ornamental designs. You will find different ornaments like necklaces with various pendants, mangalsutras, earrings, bracelets, with respect to each avatar. As many of us are aware of the main ten avatars of Lord Vishnu like Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vaman, Parshuram, Ram, Krushna, Buddha, and Kalki, we have designed some of the ornaments that are becoming trending nowadays.  

Friendship Goals Pendant - Necklace Designs for Girls |

              Friendship is the most important aspect of this beautiful life and it is a complete life for some of the friends. We have distinguished a category with the name friendship and more in order to maintain healthy relations in your friend circle by gifting this jewelry type. This can be the best gift you can offer to your loved ones. One more interesting thing I want to share with you is if you are a boy and seeking a girlfriend then you can surprise your best friend with such types of necklace gifts. She will surely remind you whenever her eyes look at the surprise you have gifted to her. If you are not able to express your feelings in a relationship, you can express them by gifting some of the best exclusive jewelry of Swaabhi. The pendant with a friend written on it helps you to keep your friendship everlasting. Don’t hesitate to express your friendship feelings by choosing at least one design for each one in your friend circle. Considering the requirements of the youth, we have created cheer up, chill, attachment, There for you, Relax, Let’s Hangout, What’s up my friend kind of designs to achieve their individual goals in their lives. For also have some specific necklaces for the people who want to travel the world, who loves cycling, and those who want to fly high in their lives. 


            The next type of jewelry that is looking for you is Parna jewelry – again a unique combination of Swaabhi. The meaning of the Sanskrit word Parna is a leaf, so the name itself gives the clarity of the designs that are available in the shapes of beautiful leaves. If you are passionate to explore the real beauty of this amazing nature this jewelry will surely suit your personality trait. We have top-quality gold polished bracelets like Bela, Apta, Parna Vida, Parna Korfad, Parna Pudina, Parna Pimpal, Brahmi, Amba, and many more.


              Mandira jewelry collection is designed on the basis of the architectural art of various temples. We like to see the ancient and modern design patterns structured on the pillars of temples. To maintain the culture of the brilliant design patterns observed on the Mandira, we have come across the Mandira jewelry collection. We are glad to say that most of the Mandira designs are gold polished. The famous bell-shaped Mandira design includes a Ditya necklace with blue beads embedded in it, Yadavi earrings with green stones, and Ditya earrings with green stones combination. Some other most attractive design contains the Girija necklace, Chakrika earrings, Deepa, Jaya, Ira earrings. 

                 We always came across people who have to use some professional pins. Even though it is not compulsory some people make use of such types of professional pins to indicate their profession. It gives a special effect to your dress code when you tie these types of pins. If you are a Masterchef or a manager in the restaurant, you can use a pin with a cutlery design. If you like airplanes or your professional background belongs to the air industry, we have designed an Airplane design for you. In case you are an eye specialist and you want to market yourself by looking attractive you can tie a spectacle design with a gold polish. You can also try out other pins as well like pen sign, molecule design, nature sign, etc. 

               Rangoli has got extremely rich value in Indian culture. We draw rangolis on special occasions of life like festivals, traditional events. Considering the importance of rangoli in our culture, we have thought of creating real-time rangoli jewelry designs. Almost all of the rangoli creations of the brand Swaabhi are either silver or gold polished. There are 140 plus unique rangoli design creations of Swaabhi. There are some famous rangoli designs that are unique in particular states. Mainly in Maharashtra and Karnataka, it is strongly believed that rangoli drawn at the entrance keeps the negative vibes outside the house. Chattisgarh Rangoli’s design is called Chaook, Kolam design is famous in Tamil Nadu. Mandana is the famous rangoli design used in Rajasthan that is painted on the walls. We have also designed jewelry based on the Alpana rangoli design pattern, which is available in earrings, necklace, and bracelet format. 

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                 As we all know the concept of Warli painting is getting famous day by day for the last few decades. Warli paintings are many times the representation of our ancient history, that tells us about how our ancestors used to be in the history, what they used to wear. By just observing the Warli painting you get the idea about the behavior of that time, sports played at that time, and how their overall life used to be. We at Swaabhi are making many combinations of such famous Warli paintings to make real-time jewelry out of it. You can also explore the spices of the Swaabhi section for more exciting designs. 

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