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       Dashavtara is one of the famous jewelry unique collections of Swaabhi which is inspired by the Ten main avatars of Lord Vishnu. Dashavtara is the mythological history of Indian culture. As many of us are aware of the specialty of lord Vishnu is to preserve the world. It is said in the Bhagavad-gita that whenever evils will appear on the earth, I will take different avatars to protect this universe. The ten main avatars include the following avatars – 1. Matsya (Fish), 2. Kurma (Tortoise), 3. Varaha (Boar), 4. Narasinha (Half Man + Half Lion), 5. Vaman, 6. Parshuram, 7. Ram, 8. Krushna, 9. Buddha, 10. Kalki. We have created ornaments based on the concept of each avatar. All of these jewelry collections are available in the Dashavtara – Swaabhi exclusives section of the website. 


Wearing these types of jewelry is considered as you have a belief in the Indian culture which makes you more energetic and feel fresh. The main intention of this avatar was to save the world from the huge tides of water also called “Jalapralay”. The story says that the “Manu” who is considered the first man on the earth caught one small fish which eventually took a giant size and saved the Manu from the flood. Based on the shape of the Matsya avatar, we have made 3 necklaces available for you with a fish shape pendant in different color patterns. The first is Matsya beads Necklace, which is a gold polished chain with Glass, Imitation & Synthetic stones embedded in it. The second type of necklace is embedded with white beads so named as Matsya white beads necklace. The fish pendant is available in pink and white stones. You will get a combination of different pearls in it as well. You can also wear the third type of necklace with a beautiful Matsya pendant as well. 


Lord Vishnu got famous in this incarnation of “Kurma”. Lord Vishnu expressed himself in a tortoise kind of a shape and did the churning of the ocean of milk to take out “Amruta – the elixir of immortality”. We have designed and developed 5 ornaments based on this avatar. “Kurmaraj hook earrings” are available in gold and silver polish. The small stones observed below the pendant represent the meaning of the ocean. “Kurmaraj Stud Earrings – rangoli design” is also available in gold and silver polish. If you are looking for a necklace in this design, you can try “Kurmaraj Necklace” in gold or silver polish. If you are passionate about oval stones, “Kurmaraj Garnet Stone” is there for you. You can earn 100+ Swaabhi coins after 1 order purchase of “Kurma Necklace”


Varaha Avatara is considered the important avatar of Lord Vishnu. When the horrible demon Hiranyakshya pulled the earth to the bottom of the sea, then Lord Vishnu came in to picture with Varaha Avatar and saved the lives on the earth by regaining its original position with his tusks. Varaha is the name of the boar in Sanskrit. Lord Vishnu had to fight for many years to bring the earth to its original position. Swaabhi took the initiative to convert the mythological story of Dashavtara into wearable attractive jewelry designs. The pendant design itself gives the clarity of the story that happened in the past concerning Varah Avatara. The Varah(boar) is lifting the whole earth on his tusk is described in the pendant design.


  In the fourth Avatara, Lord Vishnu appeared in a form of Half man and half lion to kill the king of Asura named Hiranyakashyapu, hence the name given to this is Narasimha Avtara. By doing a lot of hard work Hiranyakashyapu acquired the power that he will not be killed by any person or any animal. Considering all his strengths, lord Vishnu kills him and resulting in maintaining balance in the world. The beautifully designed pendant of Narasimha is the warning for all the demons to keep themselves in the right direction.


We all are aware of the struggles faced by our gods while fighting with evils and demons in history.  Lord Vishnu expressed himself in the form of a Batu called “Vamana”, which is considered as the fifth avatar of Vishnu. When the king of demons ruled the entire universe, all gods were in a trouble regarding how to control him as he was having extraordinary powers. At that time, lord Vishnu dressed as a brahmin Batu and visited the place of king Bali. Vamana begged the portion of land that will be covered in his 3 continuous steps. King Bali took it in a very funny way and agreed on it. Immediately after that the Vaman got expressed in a gigantic form and put his first feet on the earth. In his second step, he chose the space between earth and heaven. When the demon king Bali got to know the tremendous power of Vamana, he surprisingly requested Vamana to put the last step on his head. The Vaman necklace pendant represents the Kamandalu covered with the umbrella for safety against nature. Considering the modifications by our happy clients, we have made it available in 3 different designs. 

 Parshuram is considered the 6th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Past Indian history described him as a very strict and angry brahmin. It is often observed that he killed many people, especially Kshatriyas when he thought they were misusing their powers. The name of his weapon ax is also associated with his name and it is named Parashu. We have specially designed the Parshuram armlet considering the shape of the parashu weapon used by Lord Parshuram. Every weapon has different kinds of strengths and weaknesses. Show your unique strengths by wearing this beautifully developed Parshuram necklace.


Ram avatar of Lord Vishnu got extremely famous due to the specialties and values lead by him. Ram is considered as a Maryadapurushottam, which means the most controlled and balanced man on this earth. Every one of us is aware of the fact that Ram used Dhanushyabaan(Bow and arrow) to kill many demons and evils, including the Ravana. To fill the power of Ram, we have designed and established the ornaments like Ram armlet, Ram beads necklace, and Ram necklace


There will be hardly any Indian who is not aware of the Krushna and Krushna Leela. I am sure that many of us may have enjoyed the wisdom and knowledge described by the lord Krushna in the Mahabharata. Temple is a very important concept in Hindu or Indian culture. Krushna is considered an all-rounder player in the game of this life. Many devotees invest a lot of their time learning many things from lord Krushna and trying to implement them in their real lives. Geru gold polished Krushna Temple necklace looks very attractive on special occasions of your life. 


Indian culture has adopted the Buddha avatar as the 9th avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu. Bhagavan Buddha advised the world about peace and real contentment. You will find many temples of Buddha along with many followers in the world. When we thought of a pendant design for the Buddha avatar, we imagined the Lord Buddha in a very peaceful state of meditation and the same pose we have finalized for making the Buddha necklace.


The puranic story says that Lord Vishnu will take Kalki avatar at the end of the Kali-yuga on the earth. In Hindu culture, the Yuga is divided into four parts:: Sattyayug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug, and Kaliyug. The enemies in the Kaliyug will altogether take different forms. To destroy all of them and maintain stability it is assumed that the Kalki avatar will take place. As this avatar will be taken to destroy all black vibes, we have colored the Kalki necklace in that way. 

Dashavara video will surely give you more insights into the jewelry patterns. For more details, you can go through our YouTube channel.

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