Maharashtrian Jewelry

Maharashtrian Jewelry

The topic of jewelry has got huge importance since the time the concept was invented to do the things that will attract the audience’s attention. India is famous for its diversity in every aspect of life which includes state-wise uniqueness in the jewelry as well. People of any country wear the drapery as per the culture, geographical condition, and the weather of the country. Similarly, different kinds of wearing styles got popular in India as well as per the ethics and cultural style of that state. Along with the concept of spirituality India was continuously in a position to seek the chances to create extraordinary designs to adorn the materialistic body very well. 

Maharashtrian Jewelry | Unique design

What is Maharashtrian Jewelry?

Any jewelry which is based on the culture of Maharashtra is categorized under Maharashtrian jewelry. History proves that India has put tremendous efforts to bring its creativity into actionable ornaments for more than the last 5000 years. The artistic approach and limitless energy of the Maharashtrian artist have helped them to design marvelous ornaments. The creations are not restricted to any particular part of the body, but we have made it available for almost all parts of the body to feel and look better. Traditional jewelry of Maharashtra represents the cultural identity of the state of Maharashtra and it is evolving with respect to time.

Maharashtrian Jewelry

Unique Jewelry of Swaabhi

Wearing the jewelry of precious metals is a symbol of prosperity and royal behavior. It feels so confident when you start wearing the precious ornaments. At the same time, you need to be aware of the things that you need to take care of the occasion for which you are making use of it. Based on the heritage culture of the Maharashtra state, Swaabhi has designed unique designs for you, and now some of them are available at huge discounts. Being a land of warriors Maharashtra has got enormous value with mixed cultures and ethics. Maharashtra is famous for the artistic mindset required for creating customer-centric attractive designs.


Nath is a special type of Maharashtrian ornament used by ladies worn on the nose by piercing a small hole on the nose. Females of Maharashtra adorn themselves by wearing these kinds of Nath on some special occasions like family functions, weddings, upanayana ceremony or some traditional events. As every ornament is the representation of the cultural state, you will find a variety according to the states of India like Punjab, UP, and Maharashtra. Each Nath has its own identity. Nath is a combination of moti, gold, and various types of stones embedded in it. As per the number of stones used in the Nath, its weight varies. Some Naths are light in weight but some are a little bit heavy for the nose, but still, it is preferred by some women considering the royalness and beauty of it. As per the demand, Swaabhi has come up with silver Naths as well.

A Tanmani is a type of necklace embedded with various pearls combined with different kinds of stones as a pendant. Pure silver tanmani necklace is available in pink, red, and purely white stones along with the earrings. The symmetrical symbol of peacocks designed for the pendant adds special attention to the tanmani necklace. Maharashtrian white stone tanmani is designed along with pearls and semi-precious stones to set the fresh getup to the jewelry.


Vajratik is worn at the neck to add special beauty mainly to the Maharashtrian bride. To add the variety in the traditional way of wearing Vajratik, we have molded the design for wearing it in the hands of Marathi ladies which is called Waki, so the name given is Vajratik Waki.

Round golden beads are combined to form a Mohan maal. Marathi women look so different and sophisticated after wearing this. 

There are some flowers that are called Bakul flowers in Marathi based on which an extraordinary kind of necklace is developed that is called Bakula haar

Gajari Haar

Gajari haar is a term inspired by the concept of Gajara which is especially a collection of similar kinds of real flowers or different flowers. Swaabhi Gajari haar is a specially designed 22l gold polished jewelry that represents the Gajara concept of women.

Durva Har

Durva haar is conceptualized from the Indian sacred grass. Durva is the Marathi name for the sacred grass and hence we have designed a necklace Durva haar for the women representing Marathi tradition that is available in gold finish. 


Bugdi is another ornamental variety seen in the ears of Maharashtrian women’s jewelry. Bugdi always enriches the inner beauty of the ear as it is worn on the helix part of the ear. Considering the changing expectations of a large women audience we have modified our Bugdi designs. 

Maharashtrian pearl earrings are altogether a different topic to consider when we talk about the beauty of Maharashtrian jewelry. Moti embedded in the gold polished attractive design in a peacock-shaped background looks fantastic on any traditional combination of the Maharashtrian drapery.

Till now the concept was Maharashtrian Kolhapuri saaj was only worn by the royal families in Maharashtra, but we have made it available for almost everyone which is available in gold and silver polish. It is generally a combination of 21 pendants and one comparatively big pendant at the center. We hope that you will take full advantage of some offers that are going on the Swaabhi website. 

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