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Celebrate Mangalagaur with Swaabhi: The Baipan Bhari Deva jewellery collection

As 22nd July 2024 approaches, married women need to mark their calendars for the auspicious festival of manglagaur. This day is particularly dedicated towards the Goddess Gauri, where women perform the manglagaur aarti and pray for the well-being of their husbands and family.

A bit about Manglagaur

As mentioned above, the manglagaur festival is typically celebrated by married women (especially newly married women). This centuries-old festival is celebrated during the auspicious month of ‘Shravan’ of the Hindu calendar and is mostly celebrated in Maharashtra.

Earlier, girls would get married at a young age and had a very limited social life. However, manglagaur was the duration in which they would come together, host the manglagaur pooja, play games, sing songs, and take manglagaur ukhanes. As a matter of fact, in this modern era, this festival has become a wholesome event where women get the chance to dress in traditional Maharashtrian attire and jewellery and celebrate this cultural festival in harmony.

The day of the manglagaur aarti typically starts with women drawing colourful rangolis and putting up beautiful and eye-catching decorations, followed by offering 16 types of grains, flowers, sixteen bangles, etc., as the number 16 is held of great importance.

In fact, the Marathi movie ‘Baipan Bhari Deva’ beautifully encapsulates the prominence and cultural significance of the manglagaur festival and traditions whilst focusing on small details such as the traditional jewellery and outfits worn by the characters in the movie.

The ‘Baipan Bhari Deva’ collection

No festival can be celebrated without traditional jewellery. Swaabhi’s ‘Baipan Bhari Deva’ jewellery collection includes quintessential Maharashtrian jewellery, helping you give your manglagaur festivities that traditional touch.

Maharashtrian Nath (Nose-pin)

The Maharashtrian Nath, or nose-pin, is one of the most significant jewellery items that stands for prosperity and elegance. Through its intricate designs, it is often held as a symbol of beauty and tradition. Designed during the era of the Peshwas, it is often said that the bigger the nath, the more wealth it symbolises. Here, wealth stands for good morals and values and is not just limited to financial wealth.

Mohan Maal

Gold Bormaal Necklace

If you have grown up in a Maharashtrian family, you may have come across the ‘Mohan Maal’. The Mohan Maal is a stunning piece of jewellery that may be worn on its own over a saree. It blends layers of gold with little, circular beads. Wearing this maal will complete your look with a chandrakor on your forehead.


Maharashtrian Chinchpeti Necklace-Zalar (1)
When worn with traditional attire, this delicate piece greatly enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your look. Stunning shell pearls are used in this piece of jewellery due to the brilliance, lustre, and colour of these pearls. Depending on its distinctive design and style, it comes with either a single, beautifully created pendant or multiple pendants. This exquisite and spectacular ornamental piece of jewellery is a must-have for manglagaur and other traditional occasions.

The Kolhapuri Saaj

This piece of jewellery originates from Kolhapur (Maharashtra) and is known for its intricate and grandiose design elements. It has 21 leaves, all of which have hanging gold droplets beautifully designed and plated with pure gold. Ten of the leaves are believed to be Lord Vishnu’s avatars, while the other eight are believed to be Ashtamandal. The final leaf is simply the main pendant, made of pure Manik, and is adorned with intricate carvings of fish, lotuses, moon, turtles, and turtles- symbols that are considered to be Shubhachinha. This ornament pairs perfectly with traditional navari (nine-yard) or jari sarees.

Gajra Haar

Maharashtrian Gajari Haar
Typically, ganjras are made of jasmine flowers that are usually grown in the backyard. Inspired by that, the Gajra Haar is made up of golden flowers that are arranged closely together and fit very well with a saree, giving a fresh look whilst keeping traditions intact.

Bhairavi Saaj

Bhairavi Saaj Necklace- Swaabhi

This necklace is the prime rendition of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery that includes inspirations found in the southwest region of the state. It has a wonderfully lightweight feel and is mainly composed of pendants and leaves.

Gold Bormaal Necklace

Bormaal Tanmani Necklace (1)

This necklace has a combination of brass and copper components. This classic style is suitable for a variety of events and celebrations especially along with a set of earrings.

Rekhakshi Pearl Armlet

Rekhakshi Pearls Armlet

Pearls and kundan stones embellish this pearl armlet. It features an adjustable hook on the back and is made of copper and brass with a golden shine.

Indira Pearl Choker

Indira Pearl Choker- Swaabhi

This exquisite piece of ornament is skilfully crafted with pearls and stones that complement multiple attires beautifully. When worn with traditional attire, it seamlessly complements the fabric you select.

Square Shaped Pearl Jhumkas

Square Shape Stud Earrings-Swaabhi

No outfit is complete without a beautiful pair of earrings. Gold-plated shell pearls and imitation pink stones are used in the making of these earrings. This style works well for multiple celebrations, especially for manglagaur festivities.

Pearls Peacock Earcuffs

Pearls Peacock Ear Cuff

These earcuffs are designed with pearls and pink imitation store along with a golden polish and are best suited for traditional occasions.

Pearl Bangles

Cross Pearls Line Bangles
This Maharashtrian bangle set is studded with beautiful pearls that elevate your traditional look.

With manglagaur right around the corner, the Swaabhi ‘Baipan Bhari Deva’ collection is the perfect representation of the rich and intricate Maharashtrian culture. Each ornament symbolises beauty, tradition, and togetherness. You can certainly explore our online store pick your favourites, and make this festival unforgettable.

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