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Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for Your Sister

raksha bandhan jewellery collection

Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner, and it’s a perfect time to play a good brother who has an amazing gift for his beloved sister. Does that sound like you? If it does and you have no clue what Raksha Bandhan gift to get your sister, go for jewellery. It is the option that would never disappoint a woman.

Gifts For Sister

Rakha Bandhan celebrates the bond of brother and sister. While rakhi is a reminder that a brother has to protect his sister, a gift is an expression of love and gratitude towards her. And there is no gift that speaks of it better than jewellery.
Jewellery is certainly the best gift for a sister. There are lots of options to choose from, but Rakhi is a very special occasion. Making an effort and putting thought into a gift matter a lot. While buying a gift, just keep the person you are buying it for in mind. You will know what suits her the best. Here are a few options and gift ideas for your sister that you might want to look at before making a Rakhi purchase.

Minimalist Jewellery

‘Minimalist’ is the new trend, and so is the Maya Collection by Swaabhi. Gift your sister jewellery that she could wear every day, for work, for casual outings, or for formal occasions. This will be a constant reminder of your love for your sister.
There are many options, from earrings to bracelets, choose what you think she would like. Make these delicate designs a part of your strong bond.
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Statement Piece

Statement jewellery stands out, bringing out the fierce and bold side of one’s personality. If this sounds just like your sister, statement jewellery is your answer to the perfect Rakhi gift. It is usually a single piece of jewellery that speaks volumes for the wearer.
If you look at something and feel, “This is so my sister,” that is a perfect statement piece for her, and you must invest in it. So, when your sister wears it, she will know how much thought you have put into it.

Here’s a tip: Gift her Swaabhi’s statement earrings.

Beads, Stones, and Pearls
Beads and stones mean a lot. Specially, if you believe in the zodiac, universe, or keepsakes, these make perfect gift options. These stones mean protection and a positive flow of energy. Good research about what stones suit the wearer best might help you in choosing the right piece.
It is a good way of saying, “I will protect you, even if I am not there.”
It’s better to stick with rings and bracelets with stones, as it is more convenient, while you could go for necklaces when it comes to beads.

Pearls represent purity, just like the bond between you and your sister. You could never go wrong with pearls that look elegant and stylish. If you decide to settle for pearls, make sure you check their authenticity and buy from trusted websites or shops.

Symbolic Jewellery

Gifting something that has symbolic value is like gifting an essay, telling the person how much they mean. You can pick out symbols like infinity or birds to indicate the never-ending and free nature of your relationship. You can select from the Friendship and More collection or the Spice Collection by Swaabhi!
If your sister has been a symbol of protection and care to you, maybe you could gift your sister a Rakhi.
Raksha Bandhan, after all, is about the promise of protection. It necessarily does not have to be the brother who always protects. A tweak of rituals is symbolic enough and stays in the heart forever.
symbolic jewellery


If your sister is someone who loves and has a tint of ethnicity to her style or loves to go indo-western Kurtis are one of the things she will always love. You could make a selection from the classic, simple, and casual collection of Swaabhi, perfect for an everyday reminder of how much you love her.
P.S Don’t forget to get a pair of matching earrings or bracelets!

Bag and Pouches

Every woman loves bags and pouches. Your sister probably has dozens, yet one more is always better. Get her something she would want to add to her collection.
You can choose from varied designs, from traditional ethnic ones to something new and stylish. If you don’t know what to choose, choose a bag that can fit almost anything. These bags are most needed and always appreciated.
bags and pouches

Gift Sets

Gift sets are easy options in case picking a gift is not your strongest forte. These gift sets have the perfect combination of jewellery put together so that you don’t have to go through a million options, selecting the matching pieces to pull together a perfect set. The best thing is, that there are a lot of options at Swaabhi that you could check out right HERE!
gift set

Customized Gift

Make your sister feel extra special this Rakhi. Customize jewellery for her! Put effort into something that only she would ever have. You could design it yourself entirely, or you could just give it a personal touch by adding her name or something symbolic like your code words, symbols, or even a pet.
Do this, and she will never stop wearing it. If this idea attracts you, you could custom-make the jewellery at Swaabhi!
customize gift

Gift Cards

Though choosing a rakhi gift for your sister is an amazing and intimate thing, there are risks she might not like it. The best way to avoid this situation is to gift her vouchers and gift cards. She could spend according to her own liking on what she wants!

Gift Your Sister Swaabhi Jewellery This Raksha Bandhan

Buying a gift for your sister is like taking a short walk down memory lane. Remembering all the childhood memories and the times you have spent together. It is a unique bond, and Rakhi is the perfect day to celebrate it.
Despite the distance and busy lives, Rakhi is one occasion you don’t want to miss. This festival celebrating bonds and protection means a lot to every sister. So, don’t hold back on gifts, and make your sister the happiest girl this Raksha Bandhan! Visit Swaabhi’s online or offline store and explore numerous gift options.

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