Why Temple Jewelry is the new trend?

Being Hindu, we have all believed in the very famous concept of the temple since ancient times. Even though our nature is to see God everywhere, our traditional culture tells us to see and pray to god in one place to increase our concentration powers and energy levels. You will not only find different types of temples in India but also in different places in the world.

The temple jewelry is specially designed to maintain the extraordinary and attractive culture of Hindu Sanskriti along with its incredible meaning.

Multilayer temple mangalsutra

The walls of old temples are the inspirational factor to create the necklace with the carved pendant at the center of the mangalsutra. Green stones embedded at the middle of the side strings of the necklace and pink stones at the surrounding position increase the beauty of this geru gold polished mangalsutra.

Goddess design temple bangles

We all are aware of the power women has and the abilities she has to do anything in her life for the well-being of society. Devi(Goddess) Saraswati at the center of these bangles along with the sided elephants represents the affluent traditional culture of our nation.

Mangtika Bindi

A well-known trinket found in the Indian culture is Mangtikka with the Bindi at the center of it, especially worn by married Indian women. Along with the different colored stones, the central stone of the ornament is considered a bindi hence the name given to this is Temple multicolor Mangtika Bindi. We have designed a specially featured Mangtika keeping goddess at the center which is a depiction of the women’s power

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Endorse yourself with magnificently crafted earring jewelry that perfectly resembles a majestic peacock that is well known for its elegance and exquisiteness. These delicately done tiny gold stud earrings are loaded with precious and rarely found kemp stones and pearls. This kind of peacock-based design archetype is mostly influenced by subtle elements of ancient Indian temple architecture that are seldom found in impressive temple pillars which have supported grand temple mandaps.

Studded with colorful hues of red, green, and glittery gold this peacock-shaped Mayuri temple stud earring showcases a confident and glorious peacock design that wholly suits a woman of confidence, beauty, and elegance.

Adorn your beautiful arms with our exquisite Temple Laxmi Armlet whose captivating design has been influenced by goddess Laxmi’s elegant charm that innately integrates charm, glory, and prosperity in your life. The artful design draws its soulful concept from the 12’th century temple carvings of elements and components that are directly related to Shri Lami, the goddess of supreme wealth and prosperity. Laxmi temple armlet is custom made with finely sourced copper and brass material which is further temple finished to perfection.

Classy, Gorgeous, and Stunning are the only superlatives that suit this temple Laxmi armlet design that is meticulously crafted to excellence. Temple Laxmi Armlet’s flawless design is a result of an untiring exploration of magnificent Indian temples and historically significant antiques.

Fragrant Flowers are an inseparable part of our rich Indian culture and heritage. Following this legacy, we have exclusively designed Flower shaped temple zumki that is heavily influenced by the flower shaped carvings on various Indian historical temple elements that include temple doors, windows, walls, and many such integral parts of the Indian temples. With a strong aesthetic appeal and versatility in its design, the Flower design temple Zumki offers you looks that are pure, lovely, and divine.

Gift yourself this one of its kind, pure elegant jewelry which is made to offer you timeless beauty and charm along with a touch of heritage, culture, and history. The Flower Design Temple Zumki draws its design inspiration from modern contemporary art, temple architecture, and floral nature.

Shreyanvi Temple Pendant is a 22k gold polish pendant which has a naturally-inspired design that is based on temple motif design theme that includes royal symbols, icons, animals, flowers, and artistic patterns. The artistically carved pieces of this pendant are made using 22 K high-quality gold polish that is coated at multiple levels thereby giving the pendant a glossy and glittery look.

This kind of traditionally based ornament is best suited for traditional attires. But mainly this kind of Jewelry looks best when paired precisely with a traditional saree that can be worn on special occasions like a grand Indian traditional festival. The overall design of this Shreyanvi Temple Pendant strikes a fine balance between singular elements and the complete broader view of the design.

With a distinctive design theme, the Designer Temple Necklace is carved out of ordinary brass and copper material. Designer Temple Necklace is an extraordinary piece of precious ornament that goes in with every style and fashion type. A clear-cut finish of Geru Gold offers the necklace a glossy and bright look that makes this artistic marvel a true masterpiece. The Designer Temple Necklace is studded with kemp stone that adds soulful colors to the necklace which is purely based on contemporary temple design. This necklace is the ideal example of the perfect blend of ancient temple architecture and modern artistic elements. The Designer Temple Necklace is thoughtfully curated by artisans that have kept in mind the likes of people that love the fusion of contemporary and ancient art.

As of now, the world is getting transformed rapidly, with the digital revolution being the prime driving force for such drastic transformation. We as proud Indians should embrace our cultural identity and diversity with utmost pride and integrity where temple jewelry should and must be a part of our daily attire which definitely gives us the sense of cultural heritage and traditionality that we should adorn and be inspired.

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