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Aarna American Diamond Bangle -Swaabhi

Bangles studded with American Diamonds with a silver finish look to it made of copper and brass materials . Diamonds have an image of purity and light. style your party look with these bangles and get a simple and sleek look

Aditi Pearl Bangles

A 22k gold finished set of 2 bangles studded with pearls. A perfect piece of jewelry makes women more confident in her look . A perfect fit for the Maharashtrian look.

Amaya CZ Bangles – Swaabhi

Amaya CZ Bangles - Swaabhi pair of two bangles, silver jewelry made out of American diamonds with a sleek finish to the bangles. A perfect addition to your party jewelry collection, style it with the festive as well as traditional look.

American Diamond Peach Stone Bangles- Swaabhi

American diamond studded a set of two bangles with a combination of white and peach color and gold polish available in 3 different sizes . Style it with the western or your traditional outfits and be trendy with the choice.

American Diamond Pink Bangles – Swaabhi

A gorgeous pair of American diamond bangles with 18k of gold finish. Carved with a fine cubical design on it studded with a blend of white and pink color stones and diamonds . Gold jewelry with diamonds can be paired up with your festive, weddings or bridal looks.

Amira Kundan Bangles – Swaabhi

It has kundan with 22k gold polish. These Kundan bangles will complete your lavish ensemble in grandeur. This is a perfect solution to your pastel wedding dresses and floral gowns. A perfect companion for pastel lehengas and Indian wedding dresses.

Anjali Four Bangles Set – Swaabhi

Swaabhi has an elegant design with 22k golden polish. match this bangle with your festival outfits.

Arya CZ Bangles – Swaabhi

A fine-cut American diamond studded medium-size pair of bangles with a gold finish available in different sizes. Pair up the bangles with your western, party, and festive attire as well.

Avanti Kundan Bangles – Swaabhi

A simple and elegant pair of Kundan bangles with gold finish carved with an intricate square design with a border of green color A classy piece of jewelry for your everyday look and your festive or party wears.

Avni CZ Bangles – Swaabhi

A sophisticated pair of Emerald stone bangles with a 22k gold finish engraved with a cubic design made of copper and brass materials. Emerald being one of the four famous gemstones is a must-have jewelry piece to your wardrobe. Style it on any kind of occasion such as a party, wedding, festival.      

Circle Ruby Stone Bangles – Swaabhi

A beautiful set of pink Ruby bangles with 22k gold polish made of copper and brass materials. Ruby is one of the most durable gemstones on the Planet. Adding Rubies to your jewellery makes your collection perfect for occasions.

CZ Black Finish Bangles

CZ Black Finish Bangles. It has CZ  stone with 18 k black polish. These stylish and Trendy bangles are crafted especially for the elegant you. You can pair it with a western outfit