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Aaditri Tribal Bangles

A pair of tribal bangles with a gorgeous matte golden-black finish made out of brass material . Gives an earthy and rustic look. Complete your glorious and splendid ethnic look with a tribal touch.

Aahna Pearl Gold Bangles – Swaabhi

Bangles a piece of jewelry that every Indian-origin woman wears on her wrists. A beautiful pair of bangles traditionally known as "curi" in Bengali with gold finish studded out of kemp stone and pearls.

Aalia Stone Bangles

Buy online  Swaabhi Aalia Stone Bangles - A set of Swaabhi bangles with a gold finish made of red imitation and laser stone. Complete your festive look with this traditional-style jewelry, stand out from the crowd and be happy on the occasions.

Aaradhya Pink Ston Bangles – Swaabhi

Aaradhya Pink Ston Bangles - A set of 2 imitation medium length bangles with a colour combination of green and pink with a gold finish made of copper and brass. Make your look promising and elegant with swaabhi designs.

Aarna American Diamond Bangle -Swaabhi

Bangles studded with American Diamonds with a silver finish look to it made of copper and brass materials . Diamonds have an image of purity and light. style your party look with these bangles and get a simple and sleek look

Abha Pearls Gold Bangles – Swaabhi

Abha Pearls Gold Bangles - Swaabhi pair of gold bangles studded with kemp stone and pearls, a splendid combination of pink and greenstone. Discovered from the depth of the sea, pearls are a beautiful and elegant addition to the jewelry.

Aditi Pearl Bangles

A 22k gold finished set of 2 bangles studded with pearls. A perfect piece of jewelry makes women more confident in her look . A perfect fit for the Maharashtrian look.

Airavat Gold Bangles

Airavat Gold Bangles - Swaabhi has an elegant design embedded with kemp stone and has a gold finish. A color combination of pink and green color with elegant finishing . Gold jewelry is the one that makes women look more beautiful, style it with your festive looks.

Amaya CZ Bangles – Swaabhi

Amaya CZ Bangles - Swaabhi pair of two bangles, silver jewelry made out of American diamonds with a sleek finish to the bangles. A perfect addition to your party jewelry collection, style it with the festive as well as traditional look.

American Diamond Flower Bangles – Swaabhi

A set of bangles embedded with  American Diamonds with fine silver polish, and a delicate flower design. Diamonds being every women's dream, Style it with your party look and make it perfect.

American Diamond Peach Stone Bangles- Swaabhi

American diamond studded a set of two bangles with a combination of white and peach color and gold polish available in 3 different sizes . Style it with the western or your traditional outfits and be trendy with the choice.

American Diamond Pink Bangles – Swaabhi

A gorgeous pair of American diamond bangles with 18k of gold finish. Carved with a fine cubical design on it studded with a blend of white and pink color stones and diamonds . Gold jewelry with diamonds can be paired up with your festive, weddings or bridal looks.