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Adara Bracelet – Swaabhi

This bracelet has gold and silver polish. this bracelet is the perfect gift to your valentine partner to invite to a party.

CZ Peach Color Bracelet -Swaabhi

It has 18k gold polish. A great pair to your denim when you know there is an after-work networking event.

Floweret Bracelet- Swaabhi

the beautiful springtime flower blooms, this bracelet will embellish and enrich every single outfit it will be matched to.

Pastel CZ Bracelet- Swaabhi

this bracelet 18k gold polish with cubic zirconia stone. This pretty bracelet can go from office to after-hours with ease. A great pair to your denim when you know there is after-work networking even.

Ruby Gold Bracelet- Swaabhi

This bracelet has a ruby stone with 18k gold polish. You can gift this bracelet to your friend on special occasions.

Three CZ Stone Bracelet- Swaabhi

Dainty and delicate for your wedding/festive/promotions/weekend day.