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Aashirya Gold Mangalsutra

Aashirya Gold Mangalsutra has a Cubic Zircon, pearls, Black beads, Coral made available at a very reasonable price for your loved ones. View All Mangalsutra

Aditi Jadau Long Mangalsutra

This Mangalsutra is a unique design of mangalsutra embedded with Kundan, CZ stones and also with pearls having a finish of gold polish including material of copper and brass. This unique design of jadau mangalsutra can also be used on your traditional outfits especially on Maharashtrian and Rajasthani outfits. View All Mangalsutra  

Akanksha Cz Mangalsutra

Honor your better half by gifting her, gold polished akanksha CZ mangalsutra with American diamonds. View All Mangalsutra

Alpna Geru Finish Mangalsutra

Alpna Geru Finish is a gold polished mangalsutra with tumble Pink Jade Beads, Geru Beads embedded in it. Surprise your wife with this gift. View All Mangalsutra

Belpantik Mangalsutra

Belpantik Mangalsutra is a tread fixed and gold polished design with a traditional look. View All Mangalsutra

Cardamom Mangalsutra-Spice Design

Cardamom is always used to add flavours to the food. Add some flavours to your jewelry as well. Cardamom Mangalsutra elegantly designed with American diamonds, pearls, and oval jade beads with a fine polish of 22k gold View All Mangalsutra

Chandrika Stone Mangalsutra

Chandrika Stone Mangalsutra is a gold polished chain with faceted jade, Pearls, Tumbles, Geru Beads. Surprise your wife with this awesome gift. View All Mangalsutra

Dakshata Kundan Mangalsutra

Dakshata Kundan Mangalsutra is embedded with Kundan and jade beads. Maharashtrian wedding traditional necklace. View All Mangalsutra

Deepa Cz Mangalsutra

Deepa Cz Mangalsutra has a single American stone bati, pearls, and faceted black beads with an 18k gold-finish chain mangalsutra. View All Mangalsutra

Delicate Gold Mangalsutra

Delicate Gold Mangalsutra is a gold polished chain with a curly design. Increase your relationship bond by gifting this precious gift to your wife. View All Mangalsutra

Devika Cz Mangalsutra

Convert your special moments into sweet memories. Gift your spouse gold polished Devika CZ mangalsutra with CZ stones and pearls. View All Mangalsutra

Divya Geru Finish Mangalsutra

Divya Geru Finish is a gold polished mangalsutra embedded with Tumble Pink Jade Beads, Geru Beads in it. Surprise your wife with this gift. View All Mangalsutra