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Two Layer Gold Beads Necklace-Swaabhi


Buy Online Swaabhi Two Layer Gold Beads Necklace with Beautiful Gold Beads

Two Layer Long Kundan Necklace

Style this long Kundan set with your festive outfits.

Two Layer Oval Silver Beads Necklace – Swaabhi


Buy online  Swaabhi  Two Layer Oval Silver Beads  Necklace Swaabhi  with beautiful   Silver Beads  with Silver  Polish

Two Line Tumble Necklace-Swaabhi

It has 22k gold polish with faceted jade beads, pearls.  You can style this necklace according to your dress.

Uama Kundan Necklace-Swaabhi



Buy Online Swaabhi Sukhi Pink Beads Necklace-Swaabhi with beautiful Kundan, Pearls, Crysta beads, Enamel paint,cz

Unmesh Vilandi Necklace-Swaabhi

It has Jade Beads, Polki Stone with a 22k gold polish. you can wear this pretty necklace during the festive season & weddings.

Unshape Stone Golden Long Necklace – Swaabhi


Unshape Stone Golden Long Necklace- Swaabhi is a delicate designed Necklace embedded with Unshaped Natural Stone and has a gold finish.

Unstone Chain Necklace – Swaabhi


Swaabhi is a delicate designed Necklace embedded with Unshape Natural stone and has a Blackish Matte Gold finish.

Urvi Gold Necklace

22k gold finish necklace, Which is design with Black, Blue & Maroon beads. This gold necklace will go on any occasion.

Urvi Pearls Necklace – Swaabhi

Buy Online Swaabhi Urvi Pearls Necklace with Beautiful Kundan with Gold Polish