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Crown Silver Finish Armlet – Swaabhi


Crown Silver Finish Armlet - Swaabhi gives a subtle but elegant look with a Silver finish.


Leafy Gold Finish Armlet – Swaabhi


Leafy Gold Finish Armlet - Swaabhi gives a simple but elegant look and with a Gold finish.


Maharashtrian Pearls Walki-Swaabhi

1,300.00 1,170.00

Buy Online Swaabhi Maharashtrian Pearls Walki with Beautiful Red Imitation

Oxidised Silver Waki-Swaabhi

600.00 540.00

Buy Online Swaabhi Oxidised Silver Waki-Swaabhi With Oxidised Finish.

Silver Finish Armlet 1 – Swaabhi


Silver Finish Armlet -swaabhi is an ethnic armlet gives an western look embedded with Silver finish.

Temple Koyari Armlet – Swaabhi

2,575.00 1,288.00
Temple Koyari Armlet – swaabhi is a beautifully designed armlet embedded semi precious stone with a temple finish.

Veerangana Gold Bajuband – Swaabhi

Veerangana Gold Bajuband – Swaabhi is Traditional vaki embedded with ghungroo with geru gold finish.  

Veerangana Silver Bajuband – Swaabhi

Veerangana Silver Bajuband – Swaabhi is a Traditional armlet embedded oxidized silver finish.