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krisha Temple Long Necklace-Swaabhi

It has 22k gold polish with pearls, ruby stones. wear this traditional necklace on sarees.

Krushna Temple Necklace

Krushna Temple Necklace is made with copper and brass material along with the temple finish. this temple necklace design is so adorable that changes your entire look of the wedding as well as the festival. the temple necklace is curated with green and red kemp stone. what is temple jewelry?
  • Temple jewelry is among the most artful of all jewelry types and plays an essential role in the cultural heritage of the southern states in India. Embossed with depictions of gods and goddesses from the temples in south India, these simple-yet-artful pieces of work are sculpted from gold and silver and have been making a comeback to the fashion mise en scène.

Chandrika Pearls Necklace

It has a semi-precious stone, pearls with 22k gold polish. you can wear this long necklace with your traditional outfit look. View More Necklace Designs

Yashoda Pearl Necklace

It has Pearls, ruby stones with 22k gold polish. this pearl necklace you can wear on Maharashtrian sarees or outfits. View More Necklace

Dashavtara Ram Beads Necklace

Swaabhi exclusive in-house collection of Dashavtara Dashavtara Ram Beads necklace is a beautifully designed gold polished necklace embedded with pearls, and CZ stones, synthetic and glass stone. View All Dashavtara

Mayuri CZ Necklace

Buy Online CZ Stone Studded Necklace made with oval beads, Ruby stone with a blend of red and white color. Beautiful Pendant with 20k gold polish. For all your wedding or festive occasions.

Reva CZ Necklace – Swaabhi

This fine Jewelry Piece of Pendant Set Is More Than an Accessory, it adds the extraordinary look to your style

Surya Kundan Pearls Necklace – Swaabhi


Surya Kundan Pearls Necklace - Swaabhi is a delicate designed Necklace embedded with Kundan, Pearls, CZ and has a gold finish.