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Aalia Stone Bangles

Buy online  Swaabhi Aalia Stone Bangles - A set of Swaabhi bangles with a gold finish made of red imitation and laser stone. Complete your festive look with this traditional-style jewelry, stand out from the crowd and be happy on the occasions. View All Bangles 

CZ Stone Gold Bracelet-Swaabhi

Buy Online Swaabhi CZ Stone Gold Bracelet with Beautiful Cubic Zerconia Stone with 18k gold polish.     

Ashlesha Designer Bracelet-Swaabhi

Buy Online Swaabhi Ashlesha Designer Bracelet it's has a Beautiful Cubic Zirconia Stone with 18k gold polish.

Ailsa Earrings with Zumki

Buy Online Elegant Swaabhi Ailsa Earrings with Zumki with Beautiful Red Quartz View More Earrings  

Amala Temple Zumki

Buy Online Elegant Swaabhi Amala Temple Zumki with Bautiful Pink & Green Imitation View More Earrings

Thirtha Temple Zumkis-Swaabhi


Buy Online Swaabhi Thirtha Temple Zumkis with CZ Stone, Pink Imitation

Lipika Designer Earrings

Buy Online Swaabhi Lipika Designer Earrings with Blue Quartz, Red Imitation, Mother of Pearls View More Earrings

Kundan Koyari Zumkis

Buy Online Swaabhi Kundan Koyari Zumkis with Beautiful Kunden, Green Imitation View More Earrings

Eashi Peacock Temple Zumkies

Buy Online Swaabhi Eashi Peacock Temple Zumkies with Beautiful CZ View More earrings

Manikarnika Earrings

Buy Online Swaabhi Manikarnika Earrings View More Earrings

Piyara Zumkis

Buy Online Swaabhi Piyara Zumkis View More Earrings

Kalasha Zumkis

Buy Online Swaabhi Kalasha Zumkis with Beautiful Pearls View More Earrings