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Pahi Kundan Necklace-Swaabhi


Buy Online Swaabhi Pahi Kundan  Necklace-Swaabhi With Gold Finish.                                                                            

Unni Jadau Studs Earring

Buy Online Swaabhi Unni Jadau Studs-Swaabhi With Gold Finish. View More Earrings  

Tarani Kundan Choker- Swaabhi


Buy Online Swaabhi Tarani Kundan Choker- Swaabhi With Gold Finish.

Koyari red beads Choker- Swaabhi


Buy Online Swaabhi Koyari red beads Choker- Swaabhi With Gold Finish.           

Saheli Jadau Zumkis

Buy online  Swaabhi Saheli Jadau Zumkis –Swaabhi with Beautiful kundan ,Imitation stones with gold Polish View More Earrings

Sakhi Jadau Bali Earrings

Buy online  Swaabhi Sakhi Jadau Bali Earrings –Swaabhi with Beautiful Kundan,Pink&Green tumbles with gold Polish View More Earrings

Isha Kundan Zumkis

Buy online  Swaabhi Isha Kundan Zumkis - Swaabhi with Beautiful Kundan , Pearls with Gold  Polish View More Earrings

Saya Bali Zumkis

Buy online  Swaabhi Saya Bali Zumkis - Swaabhi with Beautiful Kundan ,Pearls with Gold Polish View More Earrings

Tanika Pearls Jadau Earring

Buy online  Swaabhi Tanika Pearls Jadau Earring - Swaabhi with Beautiful Kundan,Pearls ,Ghungaru with Gold Polish  View More Earrings

Fuiroz Kundan Gold Bangles – Swaabhi

Buy online  A pair of circular-shaped gold finish bangles studded with beautiful Kundan gemstones and rubies. A royal blend of pink and white color to all your Indian royal outfits.

Ekita Gold Earrings

Buy Online Swaabhi Ekita Gold Earrings with Beautiful Blue Imitation View More earrings

Pushpa Vilandi Earrings

Pushpa Vilandi Earrings- Swaabhi Has Stunning Vilandi Earrings For Festival And Weddings. View More Earrings