About us

Swaroopa Utgi

Founder of Swaabhi

I am passionate about all things ‘Bharatnatyam’ an ancient Indian temple dance and I have been learning, performing, choreographing and teaching this beautiful art for a long time now. Since my teen years, I have spent countless hours of my life perfecting not only the intricacies of dance, but also studying colourful costumes, stage lighting, rhythm, music and most importantly, jewellery. I have always fallen for good quality, handmade jewellery and I have gone the distance to learn about and get hold of some of the most beautiful ornaments. I have travelled across India and most of Asia to meet artisans, jewellery experts and to find the best sources of stones and metals. While this was personally very satisfying and enriching, the artist in me always wanted to do something more. Thus an artist’s love story with handcrafted jewellery turned into the life source for Swaabhi.

Swaabhi is proud to have some of the most gifted artisans on its manufacturing team. Our operations are backed up by a value chain that starts with sourcing the best quality and choicest raw material from all over Asia. I, through the aegis of Swaabhi, hope to become a bridge between these artisans and you. This endeavour also means that the artisans are now rewarded handsomely for their hard work and craftsmanship. Through Swaabhi, I also intend to give back to the artisans by providing education and medical benefits to their family. This is possible only because of your whole hearted support to Swaabhi.

Swaabhi is a young enterprise and already smitten by love from all around the globe. In this day and age, it is no wonder that we are embarking on our next journey by enabling our digital avatar. This step will bring us closer and obviously position Swaabhi to craft more beautiful ornaments – inspired by you!