About Swaabhi

Swaabhi is a true expression of beauty, pride, culture and womanhood. Be it a wedding, a function, a party or your special dinners, Swaabhi adds confidence to your style and beauty to your feminism.

We specialise in all types of jewellery to compliment your ethnic as well as western looks. Taking inspiration from India’s ancient, vast and highly skilled artsmanship, our constant effort is to weave our rich heritage and creativity together and this will reflect in each of our designs. We feel blessed to be so closely knitted with the Indian culture and history and our theme-based jewellery like ‘Parna’, ‘Rangoli’ and ‘Spice of Swaabhi’ have seen an overwhelming response from our customers. Our entire ‘Dashavtaara’ range entices not just the classical dancers fraternity but every ardent fan of Indian epics.
We also believe in replicating the exact style and craftsmanship of the type of jewelry we create and you will notice this finesse in every piece you touch.

Swaabhi takes pride in the consistently happy and satisfied feedback we have been receiving for years from our customers. If you are looking for a jewellery that ensures high quality along with uniqueness, we promise Swaabhi is the right find.
Be it a neckpiece you want to don or some heart winning gift you want to give to your loved ones, our entire team of highly dedicated and passionate women will ensure great experiences for you. We currently have our studio located only in Pune (Ram Baug Colony) but you can choose and order all your favourites at the ease of your fingertips on this website, we assure you the most reliable service!

We welcome you to experience the true ‘Swaabhi’ in you!

Swaroopa Utgi

I am passionate about all things ‘Bharatnatyam’ an ancient Indian temple dance and I have been learning, performing, choreographing and teaching this beautiful art for a long time now. Since my teen years, I have spent countless hours of my life perfecting not only the intricacies of dance, but also studying colourful costumes, stage lighting, rhythm, music and most importantly, jewellery. I have always fallen for good quality, handmade jewellery and I have gone the distance to learn about and get hold of some of the most beautiful ornaments. I have travelled across India and most of Asia to meet artisans, jewellery experts and to find the best sources of stones and metals. While this was personally very satisfying and enriching, the artist in me always wanted to do something more. Thus an artist’s love story with handcrafted jewellery turned into the life source for Swaabhi.